Welcome to ZachJones.net!

Welcome to ZachJones.net - my little playground on the web. This homepage links my four humble blogs together. Here's a breakdown of what I dabble in on the web:

  • Life According to Zach - This blog is a little random, but flows mainly from whatever I've been thinking about or going through lately (or reading...)
  • Thoughts to Chew On - A blog devoted to exploring any deeper thoughts which pop into my head or I feel like diving into. Here I tend to be more verbose...
  • Leading in Worship - A blog devoted to all things worship arts related. I try to keep the posts short, but I'm so passionate (and have thought so long) about the stuff I'm writing about it's hard to keep things short.
  • My Linux Exploits - I enjoy playing around on my linux-based OS, and here is where I try to outline what I've done - more so I have reference material for future installations, but also in the hopes I can help anyone out there trying to do the same stuff I have worked through.
  • Been There, Read That - Reading is a passion and hobby of mine, and I thought it woul be good to share some of my thoughts on what I've read so others might benefit from my experience. Specifically, with the fiction books I review I notate what age groups I think the book would be appropriate for.

Please check 'em out, subscribe if you like what you're reading - and comment your heart out! I love conversation and debate. I'm pretty opinionated, but I love to hear the perspective of others - many times they will provide a much-needed balance!

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